Spotify Apps: Music Streaming Service Adds Rolling Stone,, Lyrics, Third-Party Apps (VIDEO)

Spotify Announces Big Changes

UPDATE: A little impatient? You can try out Spotify's Apps right now! All you have to do is go to this website and download the Spotify Apps Preview version for your OS! It's in Beta, so there are some bugs but otherwise things seem to be in working order.


PREVIOUSLY: Spotify is growing up and getting bigger.

The music streaming service Spotify has announced a new platform for apps that it hopes will expand both the social experience of listening to music. The service is opening up to partners like music magazines Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, music recommendation engines like, lyric finders like TuneWiki, concert ticket suggestions like SongKick and more.

The apps are customizable and will show up on the left sidebar of Spotify's desktop app.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek showed off several of the apps in a presentation in New York City. With the Rolling Stone app, you'll be able to listen to albums and songs as you read reviews and top ten lists; with TuneWiki, you'll be able to read (or sing) along with a scrolling set of lyrics as you play a track; with Songkick, you can find when an artist you are listening to has a concert near you soon.

Here's a video, posted on the Spotify Blog, introducing its new app platform:

Spotify is also adding something familiar to the righthand sidebar. A Facebook-like News Feed will now scroll what music your friends are listening to within the desktop app.

These apps will be available to all Spotify accounts, whether free or premium, and all apps, at least to begin with, will be free to use. The changes should start rolling out some time this week.

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