The 18 Most Ridiculous Playlists On Spotify

In May, Spotify reached a milestone: 10 million paid subscribers, totaling in 40 million users worldwide. Ubiquitous as the streaming service has become, there may be an area of Spotify you've yet to fully appreciate: Tucked away in the Browse section lives the "Genres & Moods" playlists.

These aren't your normal "Today's Top Hits" playlists. These are for situations that call for a more curated selection of tunes.

Spotify has a playlist if you, say, missed your train and are forced to sleep in the station overnight. Or to occupy on a long, boring car trip. Or to accompany a mac n' cheese dinner. And more. So, so much more. The breadth of mood-oriented lists is bananas, but it's the ludicrous specificity of these playlists that's the real LOL.

Take a look at smattering of some the most ridiculous playlists Spotify has to offer:

Smart Is The New Sexy: "Who said being smart isn't sexy? Cast your vote for the changing tide and soak up some amazing tracks."
man in glasses

Forever Alone: "Why are all my crushes either taken or jerks?! #foreveralone"

The Perfect Crafternoon: "Soundtrack a perfect crafternoon spent scrapbooking, knitting or working on projects with friends."
woman sewing

Walk In Like You Own The Place: "Put those headphones on and get amped up with these heavy beats and swaggering anthems."
confident guy

Happy To Be Home: "After a long day, sometimes it's hard to let go. Relax and de-stress with this happy playlist."
people dancing in the kitchen

Kitchen Swagger: "Get jiggy in the kitchen while making dinner with this groovy playlist."
guy cooking

Twerkin' From Home: "'Nuff said!"
listening to music on computer

Make It Stop!: "A painful collection of some of the most hated and horribly annoying songs of all time."
girl with hands over her ears

Dive Bar Essentials: "Sometimes there's nothing better than a good, cheap dive bar. Get that atmosphere with this timeless rock playlist."

Mac 'N Cheese: "Fun songs all about food. Food sing-a-longs for lunch time, in the car, or around the house."
macaroni and cheese

Last One Awake: "Some slow, sorta sad songs to end those night when you can't help feeling alone."

Train Station Sleepover: "You missed the last train out, and the station is now your home for the night. This will help."
sleeping at a train station

Don't Drink The Water: "Mexico is praised by many country music artists as a land of beautiful women and cheap beer. If you're planning a trip, there's four words of wisdom ..."
disgusted face

Not Your Mother's Christian Music: "From tattoos to banjos or tours with Taylor Swift, these hip young artists are finding creative ways to share their faith with new audiences."
angry mother

Move On And Don't Look Back: "There is a reason why the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror, never look back. Get over your ex and move on."
move on

Clinically Cold: "When you've got ice water coursing through your veins, you need tracks that relate. Doesn't get anymore real than this."
evil person

Bored In The Back Seat: "Spice up those long car rides with this eclectic playlist. It'll make hitting the road way more fun."
bored in car

Continental Breakfast: "A relaxing start to your day. Enjoy a healthy breakfast and nourishment from this chilled out list of perfect tunes."
continental breakfast

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