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Spotify's Running Playlist Proves We Prefer Female Vocalists

Who run the world?

A good playlist can make all the difference when it comes to running.

Research shows that listening to some rockin' beats can make you enjoy your workout more and might even boost your performance. Total win-win.

Spotify recently released a playlist of its top running songs of 2015, pulling data from their running feature and user-created playlists titled with variations of the word "running" to determine which songs were most streamed by runners in 2015.

The result? Delightful jams like TLC's "No Scrubs," which came in at number eight. What seems most apparent from scanning the list is that girls run the world: Eight of the top 10 songs are sung by female vocalists. Anyone who runs to Beyonce can understand the power. There's no scientific evidence that running to the powerful chords of women improves your workout, but sometimes running is believing.

If you've been feeling down on your workout music selection lately, these 50 songs should be just the trick and revitalize your running swag. Subscribe to the playlist below and expect to PR on your next race:

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