Spotify Knows All Your Dirty Music Secrets From 2015

Don't be ashamed!

We all have that one song we listened to nonstop for a whole month. And we can't hide it -- at least not from Spotify.

The music-streaming site on Monday launched its Year In Music 2015, a personalized end-of-year review that will tell you everything you wanted to know -- or would rather not remember -- about your musical taste.

A Spotify tradition since 2012, the annual recap lists your top songs, artists and genres, as well as your top artists by season and the total minutes of music you've listened to, among other stats.

To review your own Year In Music, pull up, select “Get Your Year In Music," and sign in to your Spotify account.

We asked a few Huffington Post employees what their year-end recaps looked like. Business Editor Alexander Kaufman eased into 2015 with some vintage funk:


"This didn't exactly set the tone for the rest of the year, but I'm glad I kicked off 2015 with some pervy Prince," Kaufman said.

Tech Editor Damon Beres was really into stoner metal:


Business Editor Catharine Smith shared her top artists by season, noting that her musical taste shifted quite drastically as the year progressed -- from 1960s French pop to contemporary American hip hop:


The Year In Music also gives users the opportunity to create a customized playlist that Spotify thinks you'll enjoy based on your past listening preferences. To activate the playlist, simply click on "Play it forward" from the review's sidebar menu.

Earlier this month, Spotify also released a list of global music trends in 2015. Drake was the artist of the year, with a whopping 1.8 billion streams, while Rihanna was the top female artist, with 1 billion streams.


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