Spotlight: Tom Haney's Mechanical Sculptures at Obsolete Gallery

WHO: Tom Haney

WHAT: Mechanical Sculptures: Automata

WHERE: Obsolete Gallery
222 Main Street
Venice, California 90291

WHEN: November 13, 2010 - December 11, 2010

WHY: Tom Haney has created a series of mechanical sculptures as a counterpoint to mechanized contemporary society. Although similar in dimension to many household collectibles, the small sculptures instead are curios which prompt us to think about our own processes. The movement causes the viewer to see the objects as being in their own space, making the audience think about their own movements, whether they be traditional, digital or mechanical.

"Although some see my work as a reaction to today's throwaway society, I approach it as a way to reconnect with the past. I cherish traditions, not trends. I love the old ways of doing things, old tools and traditional techniques. Working with one's hands still has value. I believe there is a magical transformation that happens when mechanical movement is added to a static figure. This movement captures a viewer's attention and holds it to the point where they are drawn into interpreting the stories the piece conveys. They are not merely observers but collaborators."

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