SPOTTED: Taco Bell Testing Chicken & Waffle and Very Berry Waffle Tacos

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Or should I say "not spotted," considering our local Taco Bell didn't have any signs up when we drove by and, when asked why not, could only reply with a strangely cryptic, "I guess corporate asked us to take them down."

Unlike the original Breakfast Waffle Taco, which - dundundada! - was only available for breakfast, these little darlings can be purchased all day for 99 cents and 79 cents, respectively. The Chicken features a breaded, slightly spicy chicken patty and comes with your choice of either country gravy or syrup dressing, and the Very Berry is filled with whipped cream and a kind of blueberry and strawberry compote. Both ultimately fell slightly flat, in large part thanks to the spongy, frozen Eggo waffle-feeling waffle shell, though we have to admit it's hard to complain over anything cheaper than a dollar.

A cold call of our ten closest TBells revealed the new Waffle Tacos are only available at a select few, if any, Orange County locations beyond the Grand and Warner spot. But let's just say if these were to get a nationwide release, we might be willing to overlook that whole "fiery/flame-ass" debacle.


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