Spray-On Skin Gun Heals Burns In Days (VIDEO)

Spray-On Skin Gun Heals Burns In Days (VIDEO)

The skin gun is real, and it's here to heal.

Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach developed the gun, which uses a patient's own cells to help regenerate a burn victims' skin. The gun, which was conceptually discussed by PopSci in 2008, has been successfully used to treat over a dozen patients over so far, according to the National Geographic video below.

And the recovery time is amazing. The example in the video below shows a somewhat miraculous recovery, curing a second degree burn in just 4 days.

Older methods like skin grafts take weeks to heal, according to Gizmodo. The whole spray gun process only takes about an hour.

The clip below will also air on National Geographic's Explorer: How to Build a Beating Heart.

WARNING: The video below contains some graphic images of burns that are not necessarily for everyone. We don't suggest watching if you have a weak stomach.


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