'Spread Those Sexy Lips' Ad From VBeauté Seems Pretty Sexual If You Ask Us

What do you think when you read the tagline on this lip gloss ad?

spread those sexy lips

As Lexi Nisita at Refinery29 put it, "When we read the phrase 'spread your lips,' we weren't exactly picturing a big, friendly smile, if you know what we mean."

The question is, was the double entendre intentional? The names of the different shades, "Dare, Virgin, Vain, Original, Truth, Naked, and Vixen," indicate yes, Nisita argues, but if that's the case, why, why did VBeauté think vagina references are the best way to market this product?

We will say that the ad is a serious improvement on other campaigns that have used female sexuality to sell products -- the model is fully-dressed and not being subjected to any kind of violence. The photo itself and the model's pose aren't sexual at all, which makes the slogan even more incongruous.

What do you think? Is this ad offensive? Simply ineffective? Brilliant, and we're just not understanding how? Let us know in the comments.

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