Spring Break Packing List For Guys

Spring Break is a fun time to blow off some steam and explore new places. We've chatted with our team to bring the guys out there everything they need to have the best Spring Break.
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Spring Break is a fun time to blow off some steam and explore new places. We've chatted with our team to bring the guys out there everything they need to have the best Spring Break:

1. A gadget tracking device like Tile, which attaches to your keys or phone. Losing your keys is not only expensive, but also incredibly inconvenient. Prevent unnecessary panic and attach this smart device to all your important belongings that are bound to get lost.

2. Aloe Vera for those nasty burns. Sunshine + alcohol = small chance that you will remember to re-apply your sunscreen. Be proactive and pack this soothing gel that will save you and any nasty burns you may experience.

3. Coconut water to re-hydrate and get those electrolytes in the natural way. Gatorade is great but coconut water is nature's gift to the hungover young adult. Packed with all the regeneration power you need-you'll thank us later!

4. A football to toss around on the beach or a field (or a soccer ball, baseball etc.). Beat mid day boredom and start a game with your friends!

5. Of course when you travel, you want to document your adventures. And a GoPro camera is perfect for capturing all the fun, wild activities you have planned from zip lining to skiing down a mountain, your GoPro records it all hands-free. Everyone will be begging to borrow it.

6. A hanging toiletry bag is perfect for any trip. It easily stores all your travel-sized bathroom necessities and easily can hang on a shelf or wall for easy storage.

7. Bug spray is one of the first items to add to your duffel bag. In warm destinations, mosquitoes like to hang out too... And nothing is more annoying than when your arms and legs are covered in itchy bug bites.

8. Mini hand sanitizer is perfect for a savvy adventurous traveler. When you're exploring random hole-in-the-wall attractions and your hands are getting dirty, you're about to eat or there's no sink, hand sanitizer seems like a lifesaver. And a tube of spray sanitizer takes up less space when packing.


9. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Take this speaker to the beach or the pool. The waterproof speaker will be vital for your week away from school enjoy fun in the sun.

10. Whether it be water or alcohol, the Nalgene water bottle can be used for hydrating (or just keeping your drinks cool).

11. Use Word or simply a Notebook to keep a journal of each day's experiences. Write down what you eat/drink, write down who fell off of that moped that you rented, and who passed out on the beach first. It may seem cheesy but it's really fun to look back on an entry and re-live that day.

12. One good bucket hat will number the number one wardrobe essential. Their style is timeless and they keep your neck from getting super crispy. Let's try not to be "red necks" here.

13. Keychain Bottle opener. Be the guy that has the bottle opener. It may seem small but it's a great way to meet people (girls) while your standing next to the nightly Bon fire on the beach.

14. A backpack cooler is easily the best way to carry drinks to the beach. Don't waste a minute of your beach time dragging your cooler through the hot sand.

15. Sunglasses, A cheap pair is probably the best idea here. Actually, you will probably want to bring a few pair, we tend to loose things after a drink or two

16. Redbull, Vitamin water. Ibuprofen. Aloe. Buy these before you go. They will be more expensive in spring break towns. This will be your literal survival kit!

17. A deck of cards. Odds are, it will be raining one day and you will have nothing to do. Take a deck of cards and make a game up. It's the simple things that make awesome memories.

18. Camera. Doesn't matter what kind.. They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Just take A LOT OF VIDEOS/PICTURES. Video everything.

19. A great set of headphones is a must for long plane, train, or bus rides, as well as for days relaxing on the beach. Noise cancelling headphones are great for blocking everything else out and taking in the music on long journeys, and they also come in handy if you have trouble sleeping, especially if you're in a room with numerous other (possibly very loud) people!

20. Student Card. Your student card might not be on the top of your packing list, but it should be an essential as it can score you tons of discounts on local tours, events, restaurants, and sometimes even drinks! So don't forget get to bring your student ID to save some money.

21. A great watch is perfect for knowing the time if your phone dies, or if you are in a country where your phone doesn't work. And if you plan on surfing during Spring Break a Nixon Supertide watch is the one for you as it not only tells the time, but also monitors local wave tides and is water proof!


22. It might not seem like it, but portable wifi is a must! Whether your on a road trip and don't want to use all your data, stuck on a long haul flight, or simply staying somewhere that charges for wifi (which should be a crime) Karma wifi will save the day! Take it with you on your trip and you'll never have to worry about being disconnected.

Spring Team Tips By:
Sara Burke
Emily Freebery
Gabrielle Hickmon
Roslyn Amy
Miranda Siwak
Image Credits to @DillionTimothy on Instagram

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