It's Official: No One Wants To 'Spring Clean' (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's Official: No One Wants To 'Spring Clean'

If my home is any indication, spring is the season for dealing with the sunlight finally re-emerging and calling attention to the weird piles of books where a coffee table once stood. Though I've technically been writing about all things relating to improving, decorating and enhancing one's home for nearly a decade, the experience has applied to everyone else's living quarters but my own. It's not to say that we live in an unstylish heap. It's a very stylish heap. But only a hoarder would ever look at the packed shelves and think "An organized person lives here."

It's not for lack of trying, either. Every season, I try to get the household in order and attempt to develop a system that will spare us from having to live a life filled with half-hearted apologies to guests about the state of our apartment. This lasts about a week before descending back into a kingdom of miscellany ruled by a cat. This coincides with a weekend spent doing something that makes us happy; which is "everything except cleaning."

It turns out that we're not alone. In a survey put out by Molly Maid (which is not, in fact, a maid service where everyone is on Molly), 93 percent of those surveyed would rather do anything other than clean. And by "anything" they mean "anything." 10 percent of the respondents would rather eat dog food.

For more reassurance that you're not as bad as you think -- and a smug feeling that you're not one of the people who would rather eat dog food than deal with the bathroom -- check out the infographic below.

molly maids infographic

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