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10 Things To Splurge On After You Spring Clean

If you're unfamiliar with the one in-one out rule, let's take a moment to review.

In short, it means that for every item you bring into your home, you'll get rid of something already there. It sounds a little strict, but trust us. It'll save you from sorting through mounds of clutter the next time spring cleaning season rolls around.

The rule can be tricky to implement around the holidays when gifts are involved. Apartment Therapy contributor Shifrah Combiths has a few guidelines to help you work through that. When it comes to the rest of your possessions, you can try Marie Kondo's "Konmari" approach, or one that we favor: A good old-fashioned reward system.

Here are 10 items we think you absolutely deserve to bring into your home for every ten you get rid of during your spring purge. (Get it? Purge and then splurge.) Enjoy!

Pillow Covers
Instead of buying new pillows (and re-cluttering that hall or linen closet) update the ones you already own with fresh-for-spring covers like this Lina Moroccan Wedding Blanket pillow cover from Pottery Barn.
A Cake Stand
File this under "incentive to come out of hibernation and start entertaining again." If hosting guests isn't your thing, buy a couple and use them to organize your jewelry. Floral Cake Stand, $12.99, Marshallsonline.com for store locations.
Something Purely Decorative
Now that your bookshelf is nice and neat, you'll need a few gilded flourishes to make it really look like it belongs on the pages of a magazine. Metallic bunny, Tjmaxx.com for store locations.
Low-Pile Rugs
In case you missed the memo, vacuuming doesn't count as carpet cleaning. While your rugs are up off the floor for their annual steaming, swap them out for something lighter and lower pile, like this Sedona Rug from Waggo Home.
While this won't cure your junk mail problem, it'll help you corral it (and keep your entryway tidy) until you can make a trip to the recycling bin. It also works wonders for kids' toys and clothing accessories that tend to stray.
A Sunny Throw
Brighten up your sofa by day, conquer chilly breezes by night. Yellow Arrows Throw, craneandcanopy.com.
New Lamp Shades
One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room, is to swap out lamp shades. And did we mention you can do it for as little as $25? Nate Berkus Raw Fringe Lamp Shade, target.com.
A Spring Wreath
Think of this as the opposite of that "Please Clean Me" tag you'd typically hang on your hotel room door. Spring Faux Berry Wreath, pier1.com.
Gardening Tools
We declare this your year to grow something of your own, and you don't even need a garden to do it. This set of mini tools should get the job done on an indoor plant, herb garden or terrarium, and would look especially lovely dip painted in a bright spring hue. (Green thumb not included.)
A Treat Jar
You've earned this and a batch of Martha-Stewart-approved chocolate chip cookies to go inside. Dipped Ceramic Treat Jar, waggo.com.

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