Spring Clean Your Mental Closet

This is such a common ritual with our physical stuff -- but what about the mental stuff? The thoughts or mindsets that don't do us any good, don't work for us, and that we've outgrown?
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It's that time of year again -- when the season changes, the flowers bloom, and people tend to spring clean their homes -- saying goodbye to winter and welcoming the warmer months ahead.

In New York City, we pack up our cold weather gear, to make room in our (typically) tiny closets for sunnier weather attire.

During this process, we might even make a pile of clothing and items that no longer serve us. Maybe we haven't worn it in ages, it's damaged, or it just doesn't fit into our current wardrobe anymore. So we sell or donate it -- or if it's in bad enough shape -- toss it out completely.

This is such a common ritual with our physical stuff -- but what about the mental stuff? The thoughts or mindsets that don't do us any good, don't work for us, and that we've outgrown? It's not easy to toss out thinking patterns that have been occupying mental space for a long time, because while not necessarily good for us, we've found comfort in these thoughts we've given so much power too. And even though they don't take up much physical space, they take up a ton of mental space.

Our thinking -- no matter how stale or worthless -- occupies this mental space and continues to impact our feelings and decisions.

So aside from that old sweater you don't wear anymore and have in the "donation pile" -- here are five common thoughts that you should consider putting in the "toss" pile, making room for new, positive thoughts, that will get you on the path to new and better results in your life:

1. I'm not good enough.

As long as this thought occupies space in your mind, it will continue to hold you back. Thinking you're not good enough for something -- whether it's a new career, a promotion, or a relationship -- will stop you in your tracks from taking any step toward what you really want. If you don't believe you're worthy of something, it will be difficult for others to believe you are too. Get rid of this thought and watch your courage -- and the results that follow -- grow!

2. What will they think?
All too often, we make decisions based on what others think. We worry incessantly about everyone else's opinions and can let this creep into our decision-making process. Once you let go of paying any mind to what everyone is going to think or say, you will feel lighter -- having the freedom to live life on your terms -- no one else's!

3. Someday.
Maybe you want something -- like to start a side business, run a marathon, or date again. But we hold ourselves up from having what we want, and tell ourselves... "Someday." Sure, someday might come and be the day to start working toward a dream, but it's unlikely that life will ever be in the perfect place to get started. This thinking keeps us stagnant, and every day that goes by, is one day less we have to go for what we want. Start now!

4. I shouldn't.
Did you ever feel like you shouldn't do something you want to do? Maybe you will feel like you'll break some sort of unspoken or even spoken rule, with your family, your friends, or society itself? Like why we shouldn't invest ourselves, shouldn't date that kind of person, or shouldn't go on that adventure we've been dreaming about. This type of thinking quickly decides your fate. Stop listening to everyone else's rules, and make your own! Watch your life take amazing shape in the process.

5. It's impossible.
I can't tell you how many people I come across who think something is impossible, that is indeed, very possible. Like, it's impossible to meet a good guy, or it's impossible to switch careers with my experience, or it's impossible to make THAT kind of money. It's only impossible because that's the bar you've set for yourself -- a bar you've decided is too far out of reach! If you get creative and stay persistent, you will find that there is always a way. So yes, it IS possible.

What are some thoughts you need to spring clean and toss from your mental closet? Share below!

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