A Spring Cleaning Checklist Just For Bedrooms That'll Make Any Task A Breeze (PHOTOS)

This checklist breaks down a handful of tasks to make this chore as painless as humanly possible.

If there's one place you want to pay extra attention to when spring cleaning, it's your bedroom. Since we spend so much time in this space, we want it to be a relaxing and refreshing place to rest our heads at night. So we've come up with a checklist to make getting your room neat and tidy super easy.

Strip your bedding. Remove your sheets, shams and comforter and give them a good cleaning. Follow the directions on your blankets' labels. Real Simple suggests using mild detergents when washing sheets. Also, be sure to avoid bleach products because they'll weaken and discolor your linens.

Tackle those pillows. First, it's important to check that they can be machine-washed. If so, clean them on a mild cycle using liquid detergent. As you dry them, place two tennis balls in the machine as well. This will help bring back their fluff.

Conquer your closets. This is probably one of our least favorite chores, but it must be done. Luckily our friends over at HuffPost Style have a guide for spring cleaning your wardrobe. And if you need more space for things like bags, belts and scarves, you can repurpose shower curtain hooks.

De-stress the dresser. If your drawers are over packed with shirts, try filing them vertically so they stay neatly folded and are easy to grab. Check out our post for the step-by-step.

Take care of the floors. If you have wooden floors, be sure to give them a good once over with the vacuum. To get into those small spaces, try taping a straw to the end of the smallest attachment to suck up grime.

Finally, flip that mattress. Okay, before you can give yourself a gold star, turn the mattress onto the other side. Then, dust the entire area with baking soda: This will help keep it smelling fresh.

For other amazing cleaning tips and tricks, click through our slideshow below. And be sure to check out our spring cleaning checklist for your kitchen and bathroom.

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