Use Our Spring Cleaning Checklist To Get Your Kitchen Gleaming, Without Stress (PHOTOS)

When you want this chore done in a flash, start with your...freezer?
Stylish open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances and dining area overlooking a pool and golf course
Stylish open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances and dining area overlooking a pool and golf course

We might not exactly look forward to our chores the rest of the year, but we have to admit that spring cleaning is different. Call us weird, but it feels great to use a little elbow grease and give our homes a deep scrub. But we know this isn't everybody's favorite activity, so we thought we'd make it a little easier by putting together a stress-free spring cleaning checklist, starting with the kitchen. So go through these tasks step by step, and your "heart of the home" will be sparkling in no time.

Start with your freezer.Unplug it or turn off the power to let it defrost. Then, remove all of the contents and wipe it out thoroughly using a solution of one tablespoon of baking soda per one quart of hot water. If there are still lingering odors, this post will help you determine the root of the problem.

Get your oven and stove gleaming. Remove all of the appliance's knobs and burners and soak them in vinegar to loosen debris, rinsing them well before replacing them. We even have a little trick to make the inside smell delicious.

Clean your refrigerator to make it more efficient. Move it out from against the wall (if you can) to sweep behind it, and remove the grill to clean the coils. This will boost energy output, saving you money in the long run. We also have a creative tip to remove grime using... pantyhose.

Buff your stainless steel appliances. To make your metal look good-as-new, we have a great tip for mixing a DIY cleaner using a surprising baking ingredient.

Scrub the sink. This is one of the dirtiest spots in your home, so make a paste with baking soda and water and get in the nooks and crannies using a toothbrush.

Make your floors shine. First, sweep up loose crumbs and dust. Then, with a damp mop, give it a deep clean with a great natural floor cleaner made from olive oil and lemons.

Don't forget the ceiling. Cooking grime from smoke and moisture builds up over time, so give this surprising surface a scrub, too.

For other amazing cleaning tips and tricks, click through our slideshow below.

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