Spring Cleaning: Creating An Organized Office That Works As A Guest Room

Make A Room Twice As Useful
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With thoughtful design, an office and a guest bedroom can peacefully coexist. When designing such a room, minimalism is key, as you'll want to able to stow work away when guests are using the room and also provide space for them to unpack their belongings. A computer armoire with file drawers and shelf space is an easy way to hide the computer, files, and office supplies. A built-in desk can provide extra workspace and also serve as a dressing table for guests. A second armoire can double as an entertainment unit and provide drawer space for spare bedding or a guest's clothes. A trundle bed is the perfect daybed/couch that can roll out to accomodate a second guest. A number of furniture companies are producing thoughtfully designed small-space solutions as desks with components that rearrange to reveal a bed.

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