Spring Cleaning: Playing Music Can Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half

The Trick That Cuts Cleaning Time In Half

There are very few of us who actually enjoy cleaning. And, let's face it, most of us would probably rather be doing something else most of the time. However, instead of procrastinating, try to make cleaning a little bit easier with fun, upbeat music to get you going.

"Music causes the brain to release dopamine, a brain chemical key to addiction and motivation," according to a recent Los Angeles Times article. And, although, the research supporting the direct correlation between music and productivity has yet to be proven, the theories make sense.

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that listening to music increased work output by almost 7 percent, according to Lifehacker. And, "generally speaking, faster music helps us feel more energized and heightens our awareness," according to Psychology Today. For instance, a slow 50-beat-per-minute song may be the perfect tune to lull you to sleep. But, a song with 139 beats per minute, like in Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', can actually make you move quicker, getting the job done in less time. Apparently, the rhythmic sounds in music engage the parts in our brains that control movement and "in particular synchronize different muscle groups," neuroscientist Robert Zatorre tells NPR.

So the next time you're putting off your cleaning chores, turn up the bass or put in earphones and let the music move you.

Do you listen to music when you clean. If so, what's on your playlist?

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