Spring Cleaning: How To Quick Clean Your Home In 20 Minutes Or Less

Clean Any Room In 20 Minutes Or Less

Whether you're having guests over soon or just need to spruce up the place a bit for peace of mind, we found a way to get your home looking (at least) presentable with minimal time wasted. There's no hard scrubbing involved -- just a few must-have cleaning products, wipe downs and some vacuuming here and there. All in all, you can spend less than 20 minutes per room!

Keep in mind, however, that we only recommend these quick-cleaning tips when you're short on time, as they don't replace a nice thorough cleaning. That said, to expedite the process and maximize your time, we recommend two tips you can use in every room in addition to the ones below.

First, place a trash or empty shopping bag on the door handle of every room you want to quick clean. When you get to that area in the house, throw everything that needs to be trashed in the bag and place it in the hallway. When you're done cleaning, throw all the bags away at one time.

Also, prepare your products and solutions ahead of time. Most of the cleaning products involved in our tips include a one-part vinegar and one-part water solution, bleach, and a water-based solution with a small amount of dish soap, plus cloths, a sponge and a vacuum or broom. Prepping these solutions and products before will save you time and energy running back and forth to get them.

Now that we've covered all our bases, flip through the slideshow below to learn how to quickly clean your home, room by room. What are you waiting for? Time's ticking!

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