Spring Fever: Why You Feel Different With The Change In Season

All of a sudden, we're delighting in lingering sunshine, warm breezes and bare legs. If where you live is anything like New York City this week, then you might find yourself battling a bout of spring fever. Perhaps you're easily distracted and less productive than usual, daydreaming of an alfresco dinner or cocktail. Or maybe you're feeling particularly smitten or more energized than usual.

But are these slight changes in our moods and behaviors all in our heads or rooted in science? Researchers have studied the link between weather and mood for years, but really only scratched the surface of what's truly going on.

Click through the slideshow below to find out what's behind your spring fever symptoms. Then tell us in the comments how the change in the weather is making you feel.

You're Not As Sleepy

spring fever

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