Spring Gardening: 8 Unusual Planting Tips You Can't Miss

8 Really Useful Gardening Tips You Didn't Know Already

Ever notice how some people just seem to have that special touch when it comes to spring gardening? Their flowers end up blooming faster, their vegetables growing bigger, and there never seems to be a weed in sight. Not all of us were born with green thumbs, but that doesn't mean we can't have fuller, healthier gardens. It doesn't take fancy tools, expensive products or even special skills to get your plants to thrive -- just a few helpful tips you would never guess to do on your own.

From the positioning tip that leads to better-tasting veggies to why you should plant by the light of the moon, help your garden flourish this year by following these 8 unusual steps, perfect for flower beds and vegetable patches alike. Have some tried and true tricks to add to the mix? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

Cucumbers Are Sweeter When Planted Near Sunflowers

Unusual Gardening Tips

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