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Spring Greens after a Long Winter

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The spring greens are coming in! This past weekend, I had fiddlehead ferns in Maine. And the weekend before that, I made my first salad from my garden here in Pennsylvania, pinching off a few tiny leaves and herbs from each plant. Oh, the flavor! Fresh basil and parsley! The tenderest greens, and they would never survive in the supermarket. It's so worth planting a little garden to get that taste. It's as good as the taste of warm sunshine after a long winter. In fact, it IS the taste of sunshine after a long winter.

You too can taste this deliciousness. Now is the time to go out and plant a little garden. Plant seeds. Plant plants. It doesn't take much work, time, or money, but I imagine the living nutrition in whatever you eat right from the garden is off the charts compared to whatever you can buy in the store. Make your own salad dressing with a little bit of salt, a tiny bit of vinegar, and a spoonful or two of olive oil, and you will have experienced the best flavor that exists on the planet (if you ask me).

Don't forget to plant some herbs, too! I plant a container right outside my kitchen door with parsley, thyme, a few different types of basil, and lemon verbena so that I never have to walk far to get a smack of flavor to add to any salad or dish.

And lastly, the thing about growing food yourself is that you also really learn to appreciate all things that grow--the magic of it all, the subtleties of flavors, the life-giving treasures each plant provides. With a garden grows gratitude!

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