Here Are The Top Spring Home Trends Of 2018, According To Pinterest

Trends to write home about.
I spy an oversized faux monstera leaf stem.
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I spy an oversized faux monstera leaf stem.

Most of us view spring as a time to organize our closets, rearrange our living rooms, and (perhaps in a moment of wild energy) deep clean our bathrooms. But, spring is also the perfect time of year to ditch the thick linens and dark colors of winter and instead replace them with breathable fabrics and airy colors.

That’s why, when our friends at Pinterest passed along the home trends they’re eyeing for spring 2018, we were thrilled to see easy-to-pull-off looks like faux fronds and fringe pillows topping the list.

If you’re looking for some home refresh inspiration, take a cue from the seven spring home trends on our radar:

Palm Leaves
It makes sense that one of the biggest trends for homes this spring involves a hint of greenery. Searches for "single palm leaf" soared more than 130 percent compared to last year, perhaps due to the low-key maintenance that is caring for a single frond. For folks with a so-called brown thumb, there are faux leaves like this artificial monstera leaf and this faux palm leaf, that are quite convincing. If you're looking for something a little more adventurous, there's frond framed art, bright and bold wallpapers, and even a carved frond bed frame.
Tassels and fringe aren't reserved for the runways, they're also making their way into our homes. Searches for "fringe pillows" increased more than 330 percent this year, and it's not hard to tell why. These tufted pillows from Anthropologie add color, texture and personality to your home, while these handmade fringe pillows from Etsy are unique and completely one-of-a-kind.
Pampas Grass
Pampas grass is one of those things that you've probably seen, but not had a name for -- until now. This feathery foliage is having a big moment right now, as searches for it have increased a whopping 500 percent since last year. Be warned, it's rather hard to come by artificial pampas grass leaves. Pop a few faux pampas grass stems into a longneck bottle to display on your mantelpiece, or buy a vase filled with artificial pampas grass to use as a centerpiece.
Ceramic Dinnerware
Stoneware and ceramics are big for the season, and not just to display. Ceramic dinnerware searches have increased 185 percent this year, making it one of endless ways you can add dreamy speckled bowls and one-of-a-kind ceramic mugs.
Sage, historically reserved for fall, is one of the biggest color trends for the season. Pinterest claimed sage would be "the new neutral" in 2018, and with search interest up more than 100 percent, it looks like it's here to stay. Try adding green marble accessories, like this bathroom set or this velvet sage toss pillow, to add a touch of this springy hue to your home.
Lavender Accents
Surprise, surprise! Pastel hues are always on trend for spring, but this year folks seems particularly keen on lavender accents like this organic cotton comforter set and this lavender-speckled rug.
This trend is tailor-made for folks who struggle to keep even succulents alive. Dried flower arrangements and herbariums, like this pressed fern wall hanging or these herbarium prints, are an easy way to add spring greens and bright florals to your home, without the hassle of potting and waterings.

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