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Spring Lettuce Recipes: 15 Ideas, Zero Salads

The most common place you'll find lettuce is in a salad bowl, but if that's gotten old we've got some recipes for you. Since spring is all about lettuces, there's no better time than the present to enjoy the gorgeous greens. Go to the market right now and you'll see the produce section stocked with beautiful, frilly heads of red leaf, green leaf, romaine (a.k.a. Cos) and butterhead (a.k.a. Boston, Bibb and butter). These lettuces range in flavor and texture: Romaine is extra crisp and perfect paired with strong flavors (it's famous in Caesar salad). Butterhead is soft, tender and, as the name suggests, buttery -- it's great to use as a wrap or cup for Asian-style fillings since it's so pliable. Red leaf and green leaf are not as delicate as butterhead but not as crisp as romaine, so they're in the middle in terms of texture.

Check out the slideshow below to get all 15 lettuce recipes -- you won't find a single salad. We have lettuce used as wraps, lettuce in wraps, lettuce wrapped around fish, lettuce on pizza, and more.

Lettuce Recipes