Spring Scented Candles To Match Your Home Decor Style (PHOTOS)

Spring Scented Candles To Match Your Home Decor Style

We love how a scented candle instantly sets the mood in our homes. And compared to plush pillows or a large graphic rug, they are a much more affordable way to enhance your space.

As you snap out of the winter doldrums and renew your homes this spring, we recommend starting with scented candles to inject a bit of freshness. Our favorite brands wax poetic (get it?) floral, fruity and musky aromas that are truly arousing to the senses.

So toss those tea lights, as we've selected seven spring candles to match your home decor style. Whether your dining table is always adorned with fresh-cut flowers or your living room is a breezy ode to the beach, there's a candle that will complete the look and feel.

Turn off the lights and light a candle:

If your home looks like it was plucked out of a Claude Monet painting, you'll like...

Spring Scented Candles

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