Your Favorite Spring Scents Can Also Bring You Total Relaxation

Your Favorite Spring Scents Can Also Bring You Total Relaxation

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Now that it's officially springtime, it's only a matter of time until we're outside reaping the season's beautiful benefits. The spring season can lift us out of our winter blues, open our minds and encourage us to spend more time being active outside. But one of the best parts of spring isn't just the sunshine -- it's the relaxing scents that come from the change in weather. If you weren't happy enough that the winter is finally melting away, the five spring scents below should definitely do the trick.

As one of the most popular scents for relaxation, lavender can do wonders for stress and anxiety relief. One study also found that the scent can help treat insomnia.
Aside from a rose's aesthetic appeal (which also holds psychological benefits), the flower's scent can also keep you calm. In a 2009 study, researchers found that the use of rose oil had a relaxing effect on participants, causing a decrease in their breathing rates.
Fresh-Cut Grass
Break out that lawn mower -- it could make you a more joyful person. Research has found that the chemical released from the grass after it's been freshly cut can actually induce a sense of calm and make you happier.
One study found that participants who smelled jasmine oil experienced elevated moods. The flower's scent also has the potential to ease the effects of depression.
Fresh Linen
Could the smell of a clean house lead to a happier you? The smell of home -- including those fresh sheets -- is tied directly to our emotions and happy memories.

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