New Web Series Aims To Tell Stories Of Love, Addiction And Healing

"This is not an LGBTQ story; this is a human story."

A new web series is in the works that seeks to portray queer narratives in a romantic and thrilling context while examining themes such as addiction and the healing power of music.

Featuring characters who are “seeking physical solutions to spiritual problems,” "Spring Street" is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund production. Those involved with the project told The Huffington Post that diverse representation is important to them in this web series, as well as elevating the work of talented musicians.

Though many of the characters in the web series are queer, filmmaker David Beck emphasized that "Spring Street" is not just an LGBT story, but "a human story." He continued,

“It’s the ultimate New York love story. The characters of ‘Spring Street’ are fully fleshed human beings going through real life experiences such as addiction, poverty, grief, having your dreams shattered, the struggle to learn something new, falling in love, starting over.... In short, the characters of ‘Spring Street’ are much more than their sexuality alone.  Even though the plot is full of twists and turns, it is ultimately a character study about flawed, vulnerable people seeking physical solutions to spiritual problems...which is what addicts do.”

Check out the video above to hear more from filmmakers or here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.