Warm Up: 5 Spring Events for the LGBT Crowd

This past weekend our clocks sprung forward; spring's warmer weather can't be too far away. Forget the below-zero days, defrost the bathing suit, polish the leather harness and add these spring happenings to your calendar.

Here's the Fagabond guide to the hottest gay and lesbian spring parties of 2014:

New York City, NY
March 22, 2014

Leave your inhibitions back at the hotel because the Black Party is not for the faint of heart. Be ready to push, pull and stretch your boundaries for 12 hours with 5,000 revelers. Leave it to New York to challenge your fetish tolerance.

The Black Party photo courtesy of The Saint At Large

Cherry Weekend -- Metamorphosis
Washington, D.C.
April 4-6, 2014

What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than deflowering D.C. gays? Shake your cherry blossoms at these weekend dance parties. In addition to a large circuit party, Cherry actively raises funds to support the HIV/AIDS service and prevention community. To date, they've raised more than $988,000. Win-win.

Cherry Fund photo by Moody Mustafa

Miami Beach Gay Pride
Miami Beach, FL
April 11-13, 2014

Miami. Pride. Do you really need to know more? This is one of the hottest places around to show off your LGBT pride. Imagine one fantastic party after another. Tip: You'll need to rest up to match insane energy of this city.

Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade photo courtesy of Juan Saco Mironoff, Miami-Gay-Blog.com

Dinah Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
April 24 - 27, 2014

Leave your Y chromosomes at home; this event is just for the ladies. The four-day 24/7 festival, held in the entertainment capital of the world, is filled with pool parties, dancing and hot women who come for fun in the desert. In it's second year, Dinah Vegas proves the girls can get just as rowdy as the boys.

2013 Dinah Vegas photo by Phil Lobel / Lobeline Communications

White Party
Palm Springs, CA
April 25-28, 2014

The weather in Palm Springs ranges from beautifully warm to a bit too hot. Jeffrey Sanker's White Party, going into its 25th anniversary year, is just plain sizzling. Hot. Hot. Hot. It claims to be the biggest gay circuit party in the world, and it doesn't disappoint, assuming that's your thing. White Party electrifies the desert with a spicy array of men, music, DJs and superstar talent. You can ogle the photos, or you can finally see (and feel) for yourself.

2013 White Party photo by Phil Lobel / Lobeline Communications

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