Cheap Sprinkler Toys For Kids That Are Perfect For A Summer At Home

We found hose attachments that spin and shoot water and blow-up play mats with slides and waterfall features.

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Splash out for these cheap sprinkler water toy accessories for the kiddos this summer.
Splash out for these cheap sprinkler water toy accessories for the kiddos this summer.

After months of filling in as nanny, care worker, teacher and personal entertainer, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained during this summer of social distancing.

Keeping the kiddos occupied and happy as the temperatures rise is probably priority No. 1 for parents who might be reconsidering a pool membership or weekends at the beach due to COVID-19 concerns.

But there are a few ways you can still salvage a summer at home and bring some fun outdoor water play to the kids in their own backyard.

An inflatable pool is a great option for bigger kiddos, especially because there are so many trendy, above-ground pools for adults and kids on the market right now. But if you don’t have the space for a blow-up pool and have access to a hose, a sprinkler toy accessory for kids might your summer savior.

Outdoor water play sprinklers are fun children’s water toys that work well in small backyards. They’re also ideal if you’re looking for outdoor water toys for toddlers who aren’t yet ready to level up to the big kid pool.

There are plenty of fun inflatable sprinkler toys out there, ranging from attachments that spin and shoot water in the air to blow-up water play mats with slides and waterfall features. Best of all, most of these water toys are under $50.

The best sprinkler toy for kids we’ve spotted so far is on this Swirl Spinning Water Sprinkler toy that has 4-star rating and more than 400 reviews on Amazon, where it’s just $16.

Below, we’ve rounded up some affordable sprinkler accessories for kids that are perfect for a summer at home.

Take a look:

This alphabet and animal-themed sprinkler pad
Perfect for little ones who aren't ready for the pool just yet. Find this 3-in-1 sprinkler splash pad for $27 on Amazon.
A spinning sprinkler attachment
It's an affordable summer toy for the kids that'll keep the playing for hours. Find this swirl spinning water sprinkler for $16 on Amazon.
A double slip-n-slide
A summer classic, reimagined. Find this double Slip 'N Slide with two boogie boards for $40 on Amazon.
A blow up rainbow shower sprinkler
Perfect for the kiddos who want to splash around but aren't ready to swim yet. Find this rainbow sprinkler toy for $50 on Amazon.
A floral-theme sprinkler fountain
Find this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals sprinkler toy that squirts water from each flower for $18 on Amazon.
A blow-up palm tree sprinkler
Bring the beach to your backyard. Find this inflatable palm tree yard sprinkler for $30 on Amazon.
A lawn sprinkler that doubles as a toy
Keep the kiddos entertained and water your yard in the process. Find this lawn sprinkler for $14 on Amazon.
A dinosaur-themed blow-up slide pool
This is sure to keep them busy for hours. Find this Intex Dinoland inflatable play center for $73 on Amazon.
This turtle-themed sprinkler pad
Adjust the water pressure for the perfect amount of fun. Find this inflatable splash pad sprinkler for $30 on Amazon.
A fire hydrant sprinkler attachment
For kids who love firefighters and fire trucks. Find this sprinkler fire hydrant for $13 on Amazon.
A dinosaur-themed blow-up pool
Find this Intex dinosaur inflatable play center for $43 on Amazon.
This shark-themed sprinkler mat
Find this Jasonwell Sprinkle And Splash play mat for $26 on Amazon.
An inflatable pool slide
A fun sprinkler accessory for the pool. Find this Intex water slide inflatable play center for $115 on Amazon.
A sea-themed blow-up splash mat
A perfect yard sprinkler toy for the little ones. Find this Splish Splash water park for $60 on Amazon.
A triple Slip 'N Slide
The perfect toy when the kiddos don't want to wait to take turns. Find this triple lane water racer $58 on Amazon.