Sprinklr's Acquisition of Dachis Group Brings Human-to-Human One Step Closer

Social media changed the world in ways we never imagined. How we collaborate, network, buy things and get customer service has been forever changed. Social evolved from a quick way to share and collaborate to being a foundational pillar of today's customer-led economy. Without social's transparency, reach and speed, customers could not have seized control of their vendor relationships so quickly, nor made trust the determining factor in brand loyalty. It changed how we fundamentally work and innovate.

In the priesthood of social business innovators, two thought leaders have joined forces. Sprinklr has acquired Austin, Texas-based Dachis Group, creating the largest enterprise social relationship platform. The acquisition brings together Sprinklr's social relationship infrastructure with Dachis Group's social and brand analytics.

Dachis Group is recognized as one of the true, early thought leaders on how to transform brick and mortar companies into social businesses. They cut their teeth, along with their partners like IBM, on the principles, methods and tools. Sprinklr cut its teeth on social customer care by helping companies listen to what customers were say and responding. The combination creates the world's largest enterprise social relationship platform served over 50 percent of the Fortune 500.

Built on a combined $95 million in venture capital and a total of eleven acquired companies, the new Sprinklr will offer the only native, fully integrated social relationship infrastructure will help brands and agencies manage their social experiences at every touch point. In a world of thousands of point solutions, the merger gives enterprises a best-in-class alternative to managing a multitude of point solutions and non-purpose built platforms.

"Relying on separate systems for gathering insights and taking action is not a sustainable model, especially with the quick pace of social media," shares Paul Haskell, Social Commerce and Emerging Media Manager at Omaha Steaks, a mutual client. "This is a great fit."

The Dachis Group's technology will be fully integrated into the existing Sprinklr platform over the next three months. Dachis' big data social analytics platform monitors over 50 million social signals and one million brand advocates in real-time delivering powerful insights by tracking, monitoring and helping manage conversations and content across 30,000 brands, 100 million social accounts, and an aggregate audience of 5.2 billion. Talent, processes and best practices will become part of Sprinklr's growing services enablement practice to serve over 400 brands with over 300 employees around the world.

"Clients needs are the one 'true north' for Sprinklr and our clients have consistently been looking for an end-to-end social relationship platform. They are tired of cobbling together point solutions that aren't fully integrated of capable," shared Sprinklr Founder and CEO, Ragy Thomas. "The addition of Dachis Group brand analytics, content optimization, and employee advocacy capability gives us the best end-to-end social infrastructure for enterprise brands and accelerates our product road map by 12 months. Together we can create an unprecedented amount of value for our clients."

Sentiment analysis tells you what people think, it doesn't tell you want to do about it. Social analytics at scale enables employees to appropriately interact with customers, on an individual level. This acquisition moves social business one step closer to the Human-to-Human (H2H) interaction paradigm that is emerging.

Finally there is a platform that enables the sellers-buyer interaction to shift from "What do I do?" to "Did the customer achieve the right outcome?" Because, in the end, the only thing that matters is that the customer achieved their target outcome.