Sprint Sale On Amazon: 4G Smartphones Available For 1 Cent

Amazon Wireless has launched another of its "smartphones for a penny" deals, and this time around its sale is all about Sprint.

All of Sprint's 4G smartphones (sorry, iPhone shoppers) will cost one cent at Amazon Wireless through March 26 with a new two-year subscription and an $80/month unlimited data plan. The sale does not apply to current Sprint customers: You have to switch cell companies, or add a new line to a current Sprint subscription in order to get your penny phone.

So, what are your options? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S II, fresh off its win for Best Smartphone of 2011 at Mobile World Congress, is a good buy, as is HTC's Evo 3D, which Consumer Reports recently ranked above the iPhone 4S as the fourth best Sprint phone of the year (The Galaxy S II was first in that poll).

Also available as part of the deal are the Ice Cream Sandwich-ready Samsung Nexus S, Google's flagship Android phone released in December 2010 and the predecessor to 2011's Galaxy Nexus, as well as the keyboard-packing Samsung Epic 4G, the Motorola Photon 4G, and the Samsung Conquer 4G. All three received largely positive reviews from CNET.

Sprint remains a popular destination for mobile data hogs, as it is the largest mobile carrier in the United States to offer unlimited data plans to new customers. AT&T and Verizon both eliminated the option in 2011, though those who had subscribed to unlimited plans beforehand were allowed to keep theirs. Sprint has previously pledged, in September 2011, that it will keep its unlimited plans, despite the pressure to its network caused by all of the unlimited surfers the company added with the availability of its first iPhone in October.

Unlimited data on Sprint will stick around for awhile, in other words; and if you're planning on switching over from another carrier, or getting your first smartphone, this sale might be for you. Head over to Amazon Wireless' "Spring Into Sprint" sale page for more smartphone and ordering information.