#Squad: My Inner Glam Squad

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Yes. I need my hairstylist, Mahagony, on deck. Maria, the brow whisperer, she keeps my eyebrows perfectly arched, and Anna from Charlotte Tilbury gives my face a proper beat down when I need one.

But I realized not too long ago that I also needed an Inner Glam Squad, a team that could/would hold me accountable to my goal of staying on my path of clearing and living the best life possible for me. We can wake up with every intention of being happy and peaceful while practicing loving kindness with ourselves -- and then we get that email, or that phone call, that takes us to the depths of craziness, and it's hard to find our way out, let alone remember what tool to pull out of the tool box.

Who said we were supposed to deal with the tough stuff in life on our own?

We are not meant to do this alone.

I have, what I like to call my "squad," those people, places or things that nourish me internally. That accountability, Prayer Meditation partner. That person that I can dissect ideals and principles with and ask, What does that mean? How do I get past this? I remember a time when I didn't know what it meant to practice self-love. I know that may sound crazy, but I was at such a low point that I needed examples of what it meant to nurture myself. I specifically remember asking someone, how do I nurture me? How do I practice self-love without being conceited or self-centered? In my opening up and not being embarrassed about my questions, I gained clarity and tons of insight -- perspectives and examples of what others were doing to nurture themselves. I needed examples to follow until I was capable of designing what this principle meant for me. Having a team of nurturing helpful supportive beings around me has been so important to my growth and my ability to sustain my journey. No man is an island. Being able to call upon someone has enabled my ability to move forward, to stay the course, to trust that I am supported on this planet. On those days where things are just so heavy and daunting, I can pick up the phone or text, and my "squad" can help pull me back from the brink.

Setting intentions and speaking our desires out loud can be daunting and discouraging, but with someone that you trust to share them with, creating these wants and desires becomes encouraging.

I need my Inner Glam Squad to help pull me out of the weeds when things get hectic. My Pilates instructor helps me move some energy around as I stretch, lengthen, and work my core. My colon hydrotherapist, daily check-in partner, and friend Rhian helps me move other important energy around., She helps me keep my colon healthy and helps me connect the dots by understanding the relationship between stress, emotions and digestion. My Therapist helps me process and dig deeper. My nutritionist helps me weed through all the different ways of eating to help me find what's right for me, depending on what's going on in my life. My 54-year-old "OG" friend from LA gives me real life perspectives in such simple ways. My parent friends that I met through River's school, whom I attend art classes and "special lunches" with (that was a great Chablis Ladies). They add culture and perspective to my life. And my friends who I affectionately refer to as "The Blackbirds" and "The Guys" they are really my sisters and brothers, who have guided me and supported me through various twists and turns on my journey. I also have my foodie and movie squad members (gotta have that). All of these people add to the richness and fullness of my life.

The old African Adage says, "It takes a village to raise a child." It also takes a village to journey through this life, safely and securely without going insane.


And this is How I Grew Today.