The One Silly Tip You Need To Make Yourself More Photogenic (VIDEO)

Could This One Trick Make Us All Ridiculously Photogenic?

The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what that means... lots of pictures. On Facebook. Tagged with your name on them.

That's why we're taking a look at New York-based photographer Peter Hurley's video, to remind us that there is one semi-helpful and simple (and very silly) thing we can do to not look like total fools in every single one of our reunions photos.


No, not squint. Just squint your upper eyelids (just a little!), and pinch your lower eyelids up a tad.

Hurley is convinced (and convinces us for fifteen whole minutes) that this one simple rule will basically turn us all into cool, confident and collected Adonises. So hey, it's worth a try, right?

Are you squinching in front of your computer screen right now? It's cool, so are we.

The squinch could come in handy:

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