Watch This Dad Use A Live Squirrel To Pull His Daughter's Tooth

This is nuts!

Something's squirrelly over here.

When his daughter had a loose tooth, Montreal dad David Freiheit had an idea: Get a live squirrel to pull the thing out, and let "nature" take its truest course.

In a YouTube video, Freiheit and his daughter set up shop in a local park. They tie one end of a string to the tooth, and the other to a tantalizing hunk of granola. They sit. They wait. The squirrels begin to circle, and what happens next is, well, nuts.

We’re not sure most dentists would recommend this method of tooth extraction. Interacting with wildlife always carries some risks, (though squirrels almost never carry rabies) and items like string can potentially harm squirrels. Luckily, this dad got the string (and tooth!) back and everything appears to have turned out fine.

Kudos to this fearless team!

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