Even The Freaking Squirrels Have Six-Packs Now So I Guess I Should Just Give Up

Do they even lift?

Isn’t nature great? A peaceful escape, where you can totally forget about living up to all the superficial demands of socie — oh, never mind. Even the squirrels have six-packs.

Hey, squirrel.
Hey, squirrel.

OK, so the ripped-looking squirrel pictured doesn’t actually have a “six-pack.” (Or is it an eight-pack? Really depends on how you’re looking at the photo.) It’s just conveniently colored fur that gives off that illusion. (Please do not attempt this optical illusion yourself at home with a contouring kit.)

But in any case, the image was striking enough that Flo McEwan snapped a pic of the dashing furball near a church in Baldock, England.

Black squirrels are actually regular old grey squirrels with a genetic mutation that causes them to have darker fur.

McEwan told Caters News she had heard this mutation can make the squirrels more aggressive, but said that didn’t seem to be the case with her new muscled friend.

“This little chap was very friendly and not at all worried to be so close to me,” she said.



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