U.S. Open Squirrel: Furry Invader Runs On Court During Benneteau-Rochus Match (VIDEO)

Squirrel Invades U.S. Open

A U.S. Open match between Julien Benneteau and Olivier Rochus on Tuesday was interrupted in the second set by a squirrel running onto the court.

Both Benneteau and Rochus seemed annoyed with the delay as they tried to scare the squirrel into running away. But the commentators may have been thinking differently judging from his play-by-play.

"Its now decided it wants to play on the court," one of the announcers said. "That's nasty Julien, don't try to hit it with the ball. He'll think its food. Poor little thing is scared now."

The squirrel eventually ran away but if those promoting the U.S. Open are smart, then we'll be seeing more of this curious critter in future commercials. Will this squirrel be as big as the "rally squirrel" who became famous during the Major League Baseball playoffs?

H/T to Deadspin

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