Squirrels Start Fires That Burn Pastor's Home And 3 Others In Florida

Arsonist Squirrels Light Pastor's House On Fire

They've gone completely nuts!

Squirrels in southwestern Florida are causing sparks to fly on electrical lines that ignite easily in the area's dry conditions. One of the bucktoothed rodents caused a fire that burned down a Buckingham pastor's house.

A squirrel on Tuesday ran along a high-voltage line and jumped to another line, creating an arc of electricity that lit up a nearby brush. That fire spread and razed Sunshine Worship Center pastor Bob Calvert's home, ABC 7 reported.

"My sister… I was on the phone with her. I told her everything was going to be okay, that house wasn't going to burn and then the next thing we know, the fire did pick up and everything went up in flames," Calvert's son Dave told NBC 2.

Firefighters were on the scene within minutes, but couldn't stop the blaze.

"I got here early this morning by myself, and I just bawled, Dave Calvert said.

Squirrels were fingered for three other brush fires in the area in four days -- though some stations reported that officials in Lee County are wary of blaming the rodents.

That said, a dead, burned squirrel was found near Calvert's home.


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