Hey there, are you feeling squirrelly? Many of you know my love for squirrels and birds. I've decided to team up with @common_squirrel and @NWF to raise money for #Squirrels4Good.

I'm a fan of urban survivors, and for that matter, I've been told I can get a little squirrelly, and more than once. I know other people really have an affinity for squirrels, too.

Here's the deal, for each time someone uses the hashtag, #Squirrels4Good, on Twitter or on my Facebook page or NWF's facebook page, I'll give $1 to the National Wildlife Federation, up to $5K. I will also donate $1 for each new follower I get over the next couple of weeks.

I've already set up a squirrel board on Pinterest, and so has the National Wildlife Federation. Share any squirrel videos, quotes, or facts that you have, or that you seek out -- whether it's squirrels inside of pumpkins, or a squirrel storming the "squirrel-resistant suet palace."

I'm just a nerd who'd really like to see some good squirrel pictures that you have -- and maybe even some more chattering videos -- on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

(This little guy ended up on my deck.)

We're excited to get started, and can't wait to see all those squirrels from around the world taking over social media. Let's get squirrelly, folks...