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How To Squirt Milk From Your Eye (Not That You Should)

As far as shocking talents go, few are as gross as the ability to squirt milk out of one's eye.

It's pretty repulsive to do, but also relatively simple if you don't mind snorting milk up your nose and then squirting it out of your peepers. However, it can also be dangerous and we at HuffPost Weird in no way encourage doing it.

The experts on "Outrageous Acts Of Science," a Science Channel series returning for its second season on Feb. 15, break down how it's done on their season premiere episode.

First, some basic anatomy from biologist Carin Bondar.

"If you start crying, tears come out of your eyes," she said. "These, of course, are meant to coat your eyes and protect them, but your nose runs at the same time."

Bondar said there's a duct between the eyes and the nose that allows something to go out.

"It doesn't usually allow something to come back in and out the eye the other way," she added.

The actual milk squirting is done by building up pressure in the nose, according to biologist Chris Krishna.

"All [a person] needs to do is get the milk into his nasal cavity by breathing," he explained. "He holds it there without breathing out."

Pressure builds inside of the nose because the milk can't escape out of it or the mouth. The liquid has to go somewhere so it squirts out of the eye.

The science is simple, but actually attempting it may not be worth the risk, Bondar said.

"This could be dangerous and wreck the process of crying," she said. "You don't want to mess around with your eyes."

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