Sriracha Vodka Is One Thing You Probably Don't Need (VINES)

Because of course.

You know what the world doesn't need? Another flavored vodka. But it almost seems obvious that sriracha vodka would exist. After all, when items like sriracha candy canes exist, how far behind can vodka be?

Made with a blend of chile peppers, garlic and vegetables (read: no actual sriracha), sriracha vodka packs a decent amount of burn but doesn't remind us much of the beloved condiment. It's all heat with no flavor. And while we could maybe see a reason for its use in a Bloody Mary or michelada, even that is a bit of a stretch -- it would be just as easy to use plain vodka and some jalapeño juice.

Don't let the red bottle deceive you; sriracha vodka is clear, and not red. Check out how various editors reacted to their first tastes:

Amanda Chan, Senior Editor, Health News:

Alexis Kleinman, Associate Tech Editor:

Joe Satran, Food Reporter:

Andy Campbell, Weird News & Crime Editor:

Sebastian Murdock, Weird News Associate Editor:

Carly Schwartz, Deputy National Editor:

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