St. Bernard Welcomes Soldier After He Returns From Iraq (VIDEO)

A St. Bernard named Jasmine got the surprise of a lifetime when her "daddy" finally came home from overseas.

On Sept. 11, a video of Jasmine's reunion with her owner was posted to the Welcome Home Blog, a website that features videos of surprise military homecomings. The dog had been searching for her owner every day for a year.

Along with the video was a touching explanation of the devotion this dog has for her owner:

Our St. Bernard Jasmine, was overwhelmed when she saw her daddy for the first time in 1 year. While he was away in Iraq, she whined and searched for him everyday. If there was a noise outside the door, she would rush over to it, and wait excitedly for him to walk inside. But after a few minutes had passed, she would realize that he was not walking through that door, and she would walk away and continue to mope. This happened over and over, day after day. It just broke my heart to see her missing him as much as my self. But the day he returned to us was just nothing short of amazing. I got my initial greeting with him at the airport. So the dog got all the attention when he first arrived home. As you can see in the video, she very much needed that time for herself. I’m glad i got it on camera to share with you all. ENJOY!

The heartwarming homecoming shows Jasmine "hugging" her owner and rolling around on the floor with him.

"Did you miss me?" the soldier asks his canine companion, whose only response is cuddling.

(H/T Daily Mail for the find.)