NFL Team Surprises Cheerleader By Reuniting Her With Military Husband

There's no better surprise.

Of all the employees at the Edward Jones Dome on Saturday for the St. Louis Rams' preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, the most important Rams personnel in the building wasn't their head coach or quarterback, but cheerleader Candace Valentine.

Her husband, Marine Corps 1st Lt. August Valentine, returned home from his overseas assignment in South Korea that night. He surprised his wife on the football field to the applause of the entire stadium.

Candace Valentine is a Rams cheerleader in the public eye, but her pompom work is just a side gig. Born and raised in St. Louis with a law degree from St. Louis University, she's also a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps, according to the Rams. While her husband's been stationed overseas, she's stayed in St. Louis to work as a law office associate and complete a doctorate in public policy. 

Saturday night, however, she had to drop everything for one moment: seeing her husband return home to her.

 A touching reunion for a military couple. Salute. 


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