St. Louis Tornado Filmed Tearing Through Airport (VIDEO)

Insane Video Shows Tornado Tearing Through Airport

A powerful tornado ripped through the St. Louis Airport Friday, cutting a 22-mile swath of destruction that tore through Concourse C.

But miraculously, there were no deaths that resulted from the area's most powerful tornado in 44 years, according to the AP. However, the storm destroyed over 100 homes and had residents still digging out on Easter Sunday.

The video below gives some real insight into how intense the St. Louis tornado really was, as a security camera captures shocking footage of flying debris and people running for cover.

It's hard to imagine a storm of this magnitude producing no fatalities, which is why many locals are calling the aftermath of the St. Louis tornado a miracle.

From the AP:

Early warnings, good timing and common sense all helped prevent a tragedy Friday night. But on Easter Sunday, many of those cleaning up the mess also thanked a higher power.

"I don't know why God decided to spare our lives but I'm thankful for it," Joni Bellinger, children's minister at hard-hit Ferguson Christian Church, said Sunday.

Everyone who survived is truly lucky, considering how easily the St. Louis tornado took out this terminal. The airport will apparently be "100 percent" by Tuesday.


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