St. Mary's, Kate Middleton's Birth Hospital, Already Teeming With Press (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian has taught us an important life lesson (OK, bear with us for a second): Babies will wait for no one. Mothers often give birth very, very early -- or lie about their due dates.

That's why the UK press isn't taking any chances with Kate Middleton's royal baby watch. Camera crews started camping out in front of St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing on July 1, thanks to info divulged in Saint James Palace's detailed birth plan. Now, the media will be able to relay all the important info faster than you can say "baby bump."

The royal family needn't worry about squeezing their way into the wing, though; Four parking spots have been reserved to ensure "Kate and her protection officers [have] plenty of room to park when she goes into labour," Sky News reports. As an added benefit, after the Duchess makes her entrance, those spots will be reserved for family and friends to come visit. (Will the spots' reported 24-meter length be enough to accomodate Prince William's RAF helicopter?)

Check out photos of the media frenzy below. Do you think these devoted photogs are wasting their time, or cleverly planning?


kate middleton

kate middleton

lindo wing

kate middleton

We won't see Kate like this for a while:

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Style

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