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A St. Paddy's Day Green Juice Crawl Is A Thing That Exists

A little on the nose, juiceheads.

Millions of New Yorkers will fill Irish pubs on Saturday, toasting dyed green beers and hoping some St. Paddy's Day luck will keep their hangovers from hitting too hard.

Meanwhile, a handful of their more health inclined neighbors will be celebrating with a slightly different green liquid on hand: The St. Patrick's Day Juice Crawl is for healthy people who want to be social, but prefer the taste (and effects) of cold pressed green juices.

"The whole goal is to join the healthy living lifestyle with a social lifestyle," said the juice crawl's founder, Anna Garcia. "Often when you're trying to be healthy, you have a new diet or workout routine, and it tends to pull you away from people."

The social-but-not-drunk concept is one that many millennials are taking on. A recent study found that young people are drinking less than ever (and less than their parents), reporting "health" as their reason. So, it makes sense for social activities to focus around things other than alcohol. There's even a fitness/dating app hybrid that helps singles meet new people over a workout class instead of a glass of wine.

At this year's St. Paddy's crawl, attendees will start the afternoon with bootcamp-style workout class at Athleta in Flat Iron, after which they'll cool down with samples of up to 30 juices around the city.

Tickets cost $49, which sounds pricey at first, until you consider how easy it is to blow $50 on a round of drinks. (It's also worth noting that a single juice in Manhattan can cost $12.)

You definitely don't need to be in NYC to benefit from a buzz-free St. Paddy's. There are tons of recipes for fancy, alcohol-free drinks; whip up a few of these and the day will definitely feel like a party. Even more, you can host a Sober St. Patrick's Day, an event that was organized to celebrate the spirit of the holiday without alcohol.

And of course you could always just ask your pals to get a non-alcoholic beverage outside of the organized event, but you might miss out on meeting new, likeminded people. And, your day probably won't have a theme song:

Come on and get healthy/Come on and get loose/Take a few selfies/And drink some cold-pressed juice.

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