St. Patrick's Day: 10 Reasons Redheads Are The Luckiest of Them All

We make up only two percent of the world's population, and being super unique is definitely something to be proud of... whether you're lucky or not.
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St. Patrick's Day festivities kick off this weekend and cities across the globe dress themselves in green to celebrate the fun holiday. In a way, it's a redhead holiday, since being a redhead is strongly associated with the Irish; even though most Irish are dark haired with brown/blue eyes! Soon, we'll begin to see t-shirts and pins with "Luck of the Irish" stamped over them. Some many not believe in "luck," but many say it's lucky to rub your hand on a redhead's head because the color is so rare.

This year, whether they're true or not, we decided to embrace the many myths of St. Patrick's Day and it's association with redheads. Why not?! We're pretty awesome and lucky to be blessed with red hair.

Here are 10 ways redheads are Go N-Eiri An T-Adh Leat ('Lucky' in Gaelic-Irish):

1. With over 7 billion people in this world, it is very easy to blend in and not be noticed. Luckily for redheads, we stand out in every crowd!

2. A long time rumor has suggested that redheads are going extinct. Luckily for redheads, that is in fact a myth. We aren't going anywhere.

3. With so many beauty and fashion websites there, how do you choose? Redheads do not have the typical skin or coloring, and finding advice can take hours! Luckily for redheads, there is

4. Brown, black, blonde hair accessories seem to crowd the beauty aisles. Luckily for redheads, there are now redhead bobby pins, hair ties and bun makers on the market!

5. Luckily for redheads, we can blame our outrages on our "fiery tempers."

6. Redheads, do you ever spot another redhead on the street? Luckily for us, you automatically smile at each other and feel like it's a secret club.

7. Luckily for redheads, you don't have to go overboard with accessories and colors. Your hair stands out on its own.

8. Many think having pale skin and freckles isn't "cool." But, for women who take care of their skin and apply sunscreen, redheads always seem to look the youngest! In Ireland, it's very popular to apply Vitamin E oil directly on the skin. It's reported to be a natural anti-aging vitamin.

9. What other hair color can say they have a beauty/fashion tour designed for them? Only redheads! How to Be a Redhead will soon be presenting the live, red carpet Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour.

10. Let's be honest, redheads are the coolest. We make up only two percent of the world's population, and being super unique is definitely something to be proud of... whether you're lucky or not.

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