St. Patricks Day 2011: JetBlue Celebrates The Holiday With Corned Beef & Hash, Irish Music & Shamrocks (PHOTOS)

JetBlue, the all-American airline, is getting in on the St. Patrick's Day spirit this year with a series of festivities lined up at their terminal at JFK airport.

The terminal, known more for its Live at T5 concerts than anything else (besides, of course, flying), is celebrating the luck of the Irish with a 2-day celebration with partners Aer Lingus (the official Irish airline) and Tourism Ireland.

Irish singer Julie Feeny will take the stage that artists such as James Blunt and Taylor Swift have taken to celebrate the drunken holiday on Thursday night.

In the meantime, JetBlue is giving customers the chance to "Go Where Ireland Takes You" (aka New York City) by giving travelers a few concerts, step-dancing troupes (see photos below), and, of course, classic Irish food like corned beef and cabbage, Sheppard's Pie, Jameson (naturally) and, what any St. Patrick's Day celebration can't be without: green beer (shamrocks will also be distributed).

A JetBlue brand coordinator said in a statement: "Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or any holiday, JetBlue enjoys celebrating special events with our customers by offering unique experiences and private Live from T5 performances by some of today's top artists. Julie Feeney's great lyrics and Irish energy is the perfect closing to this two-day, fun-filled event celebrating Irish Heritage and our partnership with Tourism Ireland and Aer Lingus."