St. Patrick's Day Parties: The 15 Most Notorious College Brew-Hahas In The U.S. (SLIDESHOW)

LOOK: The 15 Most Notorious St. Paddy's Parties

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The post-St. Patrick's Day party headache is arguably the worst self-inflicted feeling a human being can experience immediately upon waking up. On college campuses across the country, students and administrators rise with one of these screamers either because they are responsible for a massive mess -- or they are in charge of making sure it's cleaned up.

At 15 colleges and universities, though, these headaches are particularly acute. We've teamed up with -- the patron website of Bros -- to offer this guide to which colleges offer St. Paddy's Day parties so debauched that we're surprised St. Patrick himself hasn't descended from Heaven to drive these snakes out of town. Click through the slideshow below, and let BroBible and students from the party-happy colleges tell you all about the festivities.

The Best College St. Paddy's Day Parties

Here's how the website came to its ranking:

1. How nationally "famous" is your St. Patrick's Day party? You may say that you and your bros get "totally wasted" every March 17, but we needed other evidence -- be it newspaper articles, emails from concerned deans, criminal documents -- to corroborate your claims.

2. Are there ample pictures or video of a St. Patrick's Day celebration? Did we find said picture or video "pretty sweet"?

3. Did your school's undergrads/alumni make your case well? Could we taste the Guinness as we read your emails? Could we hear the distant, echoing womp-womps of your day parties as we watched your "I'm Shmacked" videos? Sense memory here, people. When you're washed up like us, it's all you've got.

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