Stacy Peterson Search Continued Last Weekend In Peoria, Says Source

Search For Stacy Peterson's Body At Peoria Farm Back On

Police spent another fruitless day this weekend near Peoria, Illinois, looking for the remains of Stacy Peterson.

An unnamed source told Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed that authorities returned to a downstate farm for six hours of digging.

From Sneed's story:

The kicker: A source providing "new additional information" (who also prompted the first big unproductive farm search) refused to "physically go out on the property to help," said a top police source.

To wit: "We asked the source to come out and help, but he didn't want to and didn't specify as to why," said Sneed's source, who also stated the search was conducted with cadaver dogs over two sites comprising several acres.

State police first went to the site in early June, following up on what they called a credible lead. The search was suspended after a weekend of digging turned up nothing more than animal remains, but police continued to be "extremely confident" that they would have success at the site.

Stacy Peterson, the fourth wife of former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson, disappeared in November of 2007. Her disappearance prompted authorities to re-investigate the death of Kathleen Savio, Peterson's third wife. Her death was first deemed accidental, but ultimately ruled a murder. In May of 2009, Drew was arrested for Savio's murder.

Peterson is also a suspect in Stacy's disappearance, but with her body still not found, he can't be tried for her murder.

The latest round of searching is by no means the first; Sneed reports that police have searched "over 100 sites" in the years since Stacy Peterson vanished.

The trial for Savio's murder is set to begin on July 8.

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