11,658 People In This Arena Nailed The Mannequin Challenge

That's a LOT of human statues.

The #MannequinChallenge craze just got super-sized.

Some 11,658 people stood deadly still inside the Perth Arena in western Australia on Sunday as a camera panned around the motionless scene.

As basketball players from the Perth Wildcats and the New Zealand Breakers took a halftime breather, almost everyone else inside the venue posed for the spooky stunt.

OK, so there was slight movement like blinks or trembling hands from a few of the participants ― which is only to be expected in a crowd of such size.

Some viewers have also noted how the video is actually edited together from different clips, which is not strictly in keeping with the concept that it should be the result of one uninterrupted shot.

However, if there were a world record for the largest mannequin challenge attempt, then this would surely take the title.

What began in U.S. high schools last month has quickly spread across the world ― with celebrities, sports stars and even high-profile politicians such as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton all giving it a go.