Stag Rescued From Icy Waters Near Waterfall In Austria (PHOTOS)

Austrian rescue workers got a bit more than they bargained for when they attempted to save a male deer stuck on an icy river bed near a waterfall on Friday, Jan. 27.

The animal reportedly became stranded after trying to protect other deer in his herd, according to Metro UK.

When a group of volunteers tried to pull the stag up from the riverbed, the animal slipped on the ice and fell into the water below, pulling a veterinarian and rescue worker down with it.


The stag, which was already exhausted when rescue workers arrived at the scene, was eventually pulled to safety after the vet administered anesthetic, the Austrian Times reports.

"[The stag] was very cold and a bit sorry for himself but will soon be back to his old self," a firefighter told Metro UK.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Wintry weather rescues can prove to be a difficult challenge, but tales of successful missions always manage to brighten the day.

In 2010, cameras captured footage of sailors pulling a dog that was swept away on an ice floe in the Baltic Sea. A ship engineer said the pup didn't make a sound, but that one could see the fear in its eyes.

For more tales of amazing animal rescues, check out this slideshow.

Stag Rescued From Icy Waters

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