17 Signs Your Pet Is A Stage-5 Clinger

We all love our pets, but for every indifferent cat and laid-back dog, there are animals who can only be described as stage-5 clingers.

If you're the owner of one of these overly attached pets, you probably already know (they're probably trying to prevent you from reading this right now), but in case it's not clear, here are 17 tell-tale signs that your pet is obsessed with you.

They follow you everywhere you go.

Whether you want them to, or not.

They're constantly seeking attention.

Whether you're trying to sleep ...

... Or play a game on your phone.

... Or go to the bathroom in peace.

They won't even let you leave them to take a shower.

You can forget about driving your car.

Or taking a photo.

Think you're going to use the computer?

Think again.

If you do make it out of the house, they'll just wait for you to come home ...

... Or Worse.

But we put up with all that clinginess for a few good reasons.

They love us.

They need us.

And, let's face it: the feelings are mutual.



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